‘Great Expectations’ – Tombstones

Tombstones – ‘Great Expectations’ at Cheltenham Ladies College, 2016 (Production photos pending). Polystyrene, expanding foam, plywood, scrim, PVA, filler, paint, matte glaze.  

12th Century Scabbard

Prop project – 12th century scabbard, RWCMD, 2014. Mountboard, synthetic leather, sugru, paint.

12th Century Sword

Prop project – 12th century sword, RWCMD, 2014. Silicone mould, acrylic and PU resin, synthetic leather, paint, graphite powder.  

Arm repair – Brian Conley

Alginate mould, PU resin cast, Pu foam support in arm, fake nails, paint.

Creature – part one

Specialist study – RWCMD, 2015. Newplast.

Creature – part two

Forest Guardian – Specialist study, RWCMD 2015. Newplast sculpt, silicone mould, fibreglass and acrylic resin mother mould. Latex, self-skinning flexible PU foam, paint.

Dracoraptor feather application – Paleocreations/National Museum Wales

Dracoraptor model – National Museum Wales, Paleocreations – 2o16. Assisting ‘feather’ application – Fake fur, polyester resin. Sculpt, moulding and casting by Bob Nicholls at Paleocreations.  

Glitterball skull.

Skull – The Duchess of Malfi. Dir. Greg Hersov, des. Valeria Pacchiani. RWCMD, 2015. Steel armature, polystyrene, scrim, PVA, paint, metallic powder, coarse glitter, plastic gems.

Lamb leg – NTW/Gabblebabble

Oversized leg of lamb – National Theatre Wales/Gabblebabble, 2016. Polystyrene, wooden dowel, latex, tissue paper, paint.

Mososaurus – Wild Creations

Part of moulding and casting team for Jurassic World Promo. Silicone and fibreglass mould, fibreglass and pigment casts.